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Welcome to the Badass Resources Page! This is a bonus library of information containing anything you ever wanted to know about attraction, dating, sex, relationships, fitness, fashion, and overall badassery.

One of the secrets to getting good at something FAST is to find someone who is already good at it, and learn directly from them. That's been crucial to my success. The cool part is, I never stop learning, so as I continue to gain new knowledge and experience, I'll share the best of it with you on this page.

There's a lot of crap advice out there, so I'll spare you the hassle of sorting through all the fluff and only hook you up with the best material I've found. Some of it will be from me, some from other experts I've worked with directly. It's all Badass Approved, and I'm excited for you to use this knowledge to create the kind of life you've always wanted!

To our continued growth and success,

- Joshua Pellicer

Joshua Pellicer's Top 10 Recommended Courses:

  • Pandoras Box - by Vin Dicarlo - a ridiculously simple personality typing system for reading women and tapping into their innermost desires
  • Elixir of Eros - by Mike Wright - Learn the sneaky "Chase Trigger" that makes any woman so horny that she'll make the first move on you!
  • Girlfriend Activation System - by Christian Hudson - Step by step process on how to turn any woman into a girlfriend using the psychology hidden in erotic novels chicks crave!
  • Magnetic Messaging - by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio - Texting Secrets from world-class dating coach Rob Judge and expert conversationalist Bobby Rio. These texting techniques are down-right lethal at getting more replies, more dates, and more sex using today's greatest seduction weapon - the text message
  • Apples of Eden - by Mike Wright - "Nice guy" reveals how he steals women from jerks in this straightforward program.
  • Text That Girl - by Race DePreist - The World's Greatest Texter reveals his secrets to seducing from the text. His bonus product "text to sex" is an absolute must if you want to really nail down text-seduction mastery
  • Ten Minute Seduction - by Brad P - underground pickup artist master Brad P has designed a system specifically for meeting and fucking a girl within 10 minutes. TOTALLY badass product if you're serious about becoming ridiculously good with women. If you join his 30-30 club your life will be forever altered.
  • Revolutionary Sex - by Alex Allman renowned sex expert and sex coach teaches the ins and outs of female orgasm mastery. If you're anything from a newbie in the bedroom to what you THINK is pretty good...Alex can help you take that next level.
  • Text Your Ex Back - by Michael Fiore - if you're dealing with a breakup this skillset can be a lightning-fast way to recover.
  • Insider Internet Dating - by Dave M. - David DeAngelo made Dave M. a keynote speaker at his events because Dave cracked the code to getting insane amounts of dates and tons of sex from hot girls using a simple and almost too easy process using online dating sites. Check it out.

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Just got the Tao of Badass? Check out these in-depth videos explaining techniques from the book:

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How to Text a Girl:

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How To Live A Happier Life

  • Mind Movies - psychologically proven tool to increase productivity, confidence, health and happiness in relationships, money, and more by leveraging subconscious reminders. Test them out and leave your experiences on the comments below!

More Info Coming Soon:

  • How to dress to attract women
  • How to attract women on the dance floor
  • How to attract women in college
  • How to date cougars
  • How to date younger girls

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