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(From the private Facebook Tao Alumni group)

I think this weekend was absolutely amazing, more than what I paid for. The more I reflect on the weekend, the more impressed I am. I look back and keep thinking, holy shit! I made at least 20 approaches on Saturday alone and some of the girls I spoke with looked absolutely incredible! I never thought it would be that easy or that I would get such a positive reaction, so awesome! I used to have a problem with thinking too much about what to say, but as the weekend went on, it just came so much more natural. I made a ton of improvements and I can’t wait to keep making more. I’m also really impressed with your coaches, Conor, Kevin, and Brad. I don’t even think Brad was scheduled, but he made it out anyways. The coaches were with us the entire time, answered any questions we had, and made the entire weekend about us. They weren’t trying to hook up with girls when we were at the bars, they weren’t giving us vague advice or encouragement – they were about helping us out as best they could. I was skeptical at first because I have read some negatives about other organizations programs, but your guys absolutely blew me away with their attitude. Anyone can have skills and knowledge, but it’s an awesome attitude that’s tough to find – these guys had it. I just wanted to throw a shout out to the entire program and your organization. You guys are awesome, I appreciate it! - Brian, Chicago

The Black Ops Training weekend was a blast! It was incredibly informative and boosted my confidence 1000%. It jump-started me on the path to solidifying a strong belief system of self confidence. I learned more about demonstrating high value in 3 days than I learned the entire time I’ve been studying this. Conor and Kevin are great! I loved learning a different perspective and new examples on the same topics. I’m very happy with the weekend and my progress. I now feel very comfortable and confident approaching and building attraction. - Vincent, Chicago

The boot-camp experience helped me profoundly on two levels. The first was leaning the badass skills. The in-class theory was very clearly taught, and the information was broken down and structured in such a way that made it easy to follow and understand. Learning the information from a teacher, and being able to interact within a safe environment while the class was ongoing, brought-out new depths and dimensions to the skills that I hadn’t previously appreciated. I particularly enjoyed the attraction-phase body language demonstration, as those particular skills are far more subtle than I’d previously released from the reading. The night game sessions then helped me to put the skills into practice, and it was the excellent energy, support and instruction from Conor and Brad that made all the difference here. I found their tips but more importantly their constant encouragement priceless. Much appreciated guys – believe me that made (and makes) all the difference, as it pushed me to levels I hadn’t dared go before! The second level was learning about the underlying (or overarching) message that served to frame the skills. For me, this elevated the program to a level far beyond what I was expecting. Josh’s passion and strength of character in challenging us to embrace our fears, question our identities, question the world around us and what we think is possible, was mind-blowing. I think he has a deep and solid appreciation of what is (and isn’t) real, and an ability to translate that to his audience with an energy and conviction that is completely inspiring. I feel that this has (in Josh’s words) blown the lid off what I previously thought possible, and given me a wider structure for life within which to frame the badass skills. Not bad for one weekend! – Chris, London

It was brilliant meeting Conor, Brad and Josh. I had a lot of fun, and you guys definitely did push me out of my comfort zone. It is a shame that you were not here longer, to have combined more personal growth with some proper sightseeing, so you got to see the mad, whacky, diverse metropolis that London really is… but hey, we can always save it for another time! Above all, what I got out of the bootcamp was that I now know what is possible. To see Conor and Brad in operation, in the flesh, and to work the room like they did, have fun, and hook up with whoever they wanted was something special. It is something I’ll never forget, and it will spur me on to emulate and improve my skills with women. – Ish, London

This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I accomplished so many personal goals, and have now set some new ones for myself. I have never met so many supportive people in one place. The coaches are true badasses and real gentlemen. What I have learned cannot be unlearned and I look forward to improving myself every day for the rest of my life. You guys are the best! – Etan, NYC

I expected to meet a team with the skillset and magic wand of social human interaction. I hoped to learn a few tools that I could then use afterwards in order to lose a lot of fears and become “not me” in the social arena. I now understand and see the whole game of human interaction, but more importantly I realize that everyone bases their lives on beliefs, and since all beliefs can be changed, they are all false. They are all lies. The fear of meeting people is now down 99% and I can actually “see” them for the first time. I can see myself for the first time – and it’s very freaky. What do I mean by “seeing people” – I mean I get an extremely clear sense of all the different “characters” that they play in their life and which one they are trying to present to me in that moment. Many also notice that I am holding up a reflection to their own lies – which is freaking a lot of people out. Additionally – I have been noticing a lot of weird improbable stuff happening – but I guess that probably can be explained by the law of big numbers. Still, pretty awesome whatever the reason is. This has been the most important and profound experience in my life. I am forever deeply thankful to you all for sharing it. -David, Oslo

Going into the Black-Ops Training I had tremendously high expectations. I thought it would enable me to have ‘this’ meeting and attracting women part of my life handled. The truth of the matter is, my expectations were exceeded tenfold. Not only did have the best weekend of my entire life, meet and talk to a bunch of cute girls, and make a ton of great friends; I also became a changed man. The person I was when I walked into the conference room on the first day is dead, all that remains is the Badass inside me. My friends and family cannot stop talking about and telling me how much I have changed and how different I am. My buddies are all asking me to tell them my secret and teach them my ways. Anyone who passes up the chance to experience Josh live and in person will be making the biggest mistake of their lives. Not only is Josh amazing but Conor and Brad are two of the most legit human beings alive, who tell you what you need to hear when you need to hear it and push you to become the Badass they know you can be. Don’t let your fears get the best of you, follow the white rabbit and change your life. I wouldn’t change anything about the program. What I needed to hear, I heard. The gratitude I have for everything you and Brad and Josh did for me can never be expressed through words. -Ian, Amsterdam

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