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Tao of Badass

Tao of Badass

Hey! Joshua Pellicer Here�

I want to celebrate the Tao movement with a little something special from me to you.

You�re already a valued member of the Tao community and have already stepped down the path to being a badass with women.

But how about slamming on the gas, and jumping into the Fast Lane for badass training?

Reading the Tao system and applying the teachings, you WILL achieve success and power beyond your beliefs with women, with business, and in your social life. That�s just the way it is. I�ve coached thousands of guys and seen the same results time and time again.

But sometimes�some guys are ready to get to that level of mastery FASTER. For them, I like to offer more in-depth training, where I personally cover every nuance of social mastery so that you can get jump-start your journey.

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Introducing the Tao �Fast Track� advanced, �ninja level� program�

The Advanced Coaches Prep Course

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I explain every detail behind many advanced topics that I have to reserve for guys who are looking to go beyond simply knowing and applying the material, and really want to master attraction, seduction, and rapport once and for all.

The video above is just one of hundreds of high-level training modules that are waiting for you when you join the Advanced Coaches Prep Course video training series.

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So, how much is all this information going to cost you? Several people I�ve shown this to told me I should charge $500. I agree it�s worth that, and I would probably make more money at that price. The only reason I�m not charging that much is you�re already a Tao member and I believe that should mean you get special treatment�especially on the holidays!

So how does �a helluva discount� sound? I believe that�s fair – more than fair – and it�s affordable.

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What�s Included?

  • What to say to a woman – a stellar library of killer conversation techniques that are going to get her interested, intrigued, laughing and turned on.
  • 1 obscure fact about how you �recharge� socially that is already affecting your success with women. You�ll be wasting your time if you go out without knowing this!
  • The secrets behind reading a woman�s eyes that will tell you more about her than SHE knows
  • How to craft a unique, personalized �opener� that will spark female curiosity and make approaching women 99.9% easier
  • Conversation hacking – 3 mistakes almost everyone makes in day-to-day conversation that instantly KILL attraction�never make them again.
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to date multiple women at the same time—and have them love you for it!
  • How to build a �rejection proof� frame for yourself�even if you�re nervous around beautiful women (you�ll be slapping yourself when you find how easy it�s been all along)
  • 3 steps to creating a physical presence that women will automatically find sexy�and be drawn to approach you
  • Attraction building secrets: the 1 thing you need to do in any bar or club to spike any woman�s attraction level to �through the roof� within seconds
  • One bizarre trick for changing how you speak to a woman that�s guaranteed to get her turned on and thinking about sex
  • Inner game mastery techniques that will shatter your self doubts, build a masculine powerful confidence that will radiate and magnetically attract high quality women
  • Game changer: Find out exactly how to tell if any woman is already attracted to you, so you�ll never wonder again.
  • A training module completely dedicated to creating your own personal style that fits your personality perfectly, and makes you look comfortable �in your own skin� — VERY sexy to women!
  • Learn this secret that woman don�t want you to know� Their biggest fears when they�re going out to meet guys, and how you can make her feel like you�re the only guy who �gets it�
  • How to avoid being trapped in a �hopeless romantic� relationship
  • Why how you�re sitting, standing, walking and talking are making or breaking your chances with women before you even open your mouth�learn how to send the right message with your body language
  • Passing tests from women will be a breeze with these 3 powerful techniques
  • Brand Spankin� New Videos Per Week means HUNDREDS of tips, tricks, techniques, skills, excercises, and much, much, MUCH more�

The Tao of Bad


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The greatest discovery of my life. You pretty much saved my life (literally). Been through many bouts of depression, social anxiety and chronic drug abuse. Immediately I noticed my confidence level grow after the first day of listening to the subliminals.

Without going into too much detail I now find it easy to say no to Mary Jane. Before your �Tao of Badass I never went a day or waking hour without being high. Social anxiety was amplified by being stoned I became a hermit too afraid to go out. I weighed 103kg a fortnight ago and with my new found confidence have become active, sociable and energetic. Today I�m down to 95.6kg. My job is very physical but only now with this new found energy is recirculating blood to areas of my body that haven�t had any feeling for some time.

I�ve always believed I was ugly and never attracted attractive women. Now that my eyes are open I was terribly wrong.

Joshua, You�re a god send! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for your great effort in putting this stuff together. I�m just living a totally new existence. Everyone�s reacting differently to me. Mostly positive and the negative ones don�t bother me like they used to. One negative comment would keep me up at night before. I am truly free from my low self esteem.

A fortnight ago I signed up to the free course. The 1st 3 impressed me SO much I had too purchase the full product.

I tried Ross —— and Dave D——- to no success. Your product is by far THE REAL DEAL!!! Other dating/seduction/pua materials I tried and tested came NOWHERE near the result produced from JP my HERO, TEACHER, MASTER AND HOPEFULLY ONE DAY SOON EQUAL (LOL), FRIEND AND BRO.

Thanks Joshua.



You�ve provided so much sound advice that it�s hard to just pick one thing, but if I had to pick just one, it would be your segment on body language particularly the material on how to walk more confidently. I�ve found that it�s incredibly helped me slow down my natural tendency to have anxiety and in effect slow down my heart rate and think clearly during situations with an attractive woman.




I�m not sure where to begin on how your teachings have inspired and motivated me, and how they still continuously being used to benefit my life.

One of two things, the first is the idea of changing beliefs. I love the fact that you broke it down and rationalized in an easy to digest and understand way.

I�ve hated books and self help shit in the past that over analyzed every move on how to fix beliefs. I loved the fact you told us to rationalize and think for ourselves in why the old beliefs shouldn�t exist or work and how the actions and proclamations would aid in the self changing.

You have help me gain a better understanding of things socially, not just with women and it�s uncanny how something natural with the progression of the attraction and rapport (seduction for women), (touching and body language in all situations) and finally the balance
of relationship really make a difference.

The process is so important and its interesting to see what stage i�m in of the interaction. Tying into that, understanding the different value
levels and the importance and badassness of being a 9 and a 10.

Cheers Josh.

I�m about to interact with a few girls tonight in my chinese class, along with some others.


- A.


Short version:

One thing: understanding gender roles.
Difference: beginning a relationship with a wonderful girl.

Longer version:

The one thing that has helped me the most is also probably the most fundamental: understanding gender roles. At the age of 21, I�m not even close to understanding what it truly means to be a man, but I�m excited to be where I�m at right now, slowly improving. A close second would be qualifying & demonstrating high value.

I�m one of those people who learns best to pick one thing and focus on it until I get it down. So I started with Chapter 2 of The Tao of Badass. I�ve read the entire book, but I think focusing on that bit (and applying it) was enough to put me over the edge.

My life is different in two significant ways:

1. The most social semester I�ve ever had in school thus far. Combination of a lot of things, but definitely helped by understanding value (supplicative, combative, etc.).

2. Currently in the beginning of a great relationship with a wonderful girl.

�You can only give away what you have.� – Leo Buscaglia

And it�s damn awesome that you are able to do this for a living� motivation for me to keep working for freedom from economic slavery.

Thanks for putting together such solid material.


And You May Recognize Some Of These Experts�

�Dating works on many levels: charm, style, gamesmanship, hygiene, wit, confidence and luck. With more than a bindle�s worth of life experience and perspective, the Florida-bred, metropolitan-reared Pellicer has honed his take on society�s favorite social experiment. Too many friendly, serviceable chaps can�t score a mate. He can offer pragmatic advice that can help elevate worthy suitors from a lonely bar vinyl-topped stool to the promised land of manicured hands and quilted blankets.�
Phineas Mollod - Author of The Modern Gentleman

�Joshua knows women better than they know themselves.�
Calle Sjoenell - Creator of the Axe Body Spray Commercials

�Every time I talk to Joshua about women or read his book I am convinced Joshua Pellicer knows more about attracting woman than anyone I have ever known.�
Warren Zide - Producer of the American Pie Movies

�There are a lot of coaches out there who can tell you what works for them� and the good ones can teach you how to replicate it� but the brilliance of Josh�s teaching is that he�ll figure out what works for you. I�ve never had a serious talk with Josh and not walked away challenged and inspired, and anyone who works with him can expect WAY more confidence, self-awareness, and of course, much better results.�
Christian Hudson - Author of Unbreakable

�One of the most socially savvy and engaging men I know, Joshua Pellicer could make friends with a hungry female T-rex suffering from PMS. I�ve never seen anyone with a capacity to make friends faster in any social situation. But what makes Joshua such a great coach is his innate ability to read subtle social cues in the interactions between men and women and then to bring his deep sense of caring into the equation. Quite simply, Joshua loves to teach because he genuinely wants his students to succeed. Paired with his deep knowledge of the subject matter, it is a potent combination.�
Alex Allman - Author of Revolutionary Sex

�Josh is a teacher in the truest sense of the word – a man who immediately puts his students at ease because he relates to their position and can see the world through their eyes. When it comes to interpersonal skills, Josh succeeds because he can connect deeply with others; they put down their guard and give him permission to enter. This skill (rapport) is perhaps the most important tool in a man�s toolbox, because this alone permits a man to enter a woman�s most personal, most private and most intimate space, where she is truly vulnerable. An incredibly powerful tool, and Josh is a master in its use.�
Paul Janka - Author of Beyond The Digits

Your Friend,

Joshua Pellicer

PS. Don�t forget this is an entire membership. That means you get video trainings from me every single week and you will be receiving advanced training for as long as you are willing to change, grow and improve.

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