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  • 1 obscure fact about how you "recharge" socially that is already affecting your success with women. You'll be wasting your time if you go out without knowing this!
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  • How to craft a unique, personalized "opener" that will spark female curiosity and make approaching women 99.9% easier
  • Conversation hacking – 3 mistakes almost everyone makes in day-to-day conversation that instantly KILL attraction...never make them again.
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to date multiple women at the same time—and have them love you for it!
  • How to build a "rejection proof" frame for yourself...even if you're nervous around beautiful women (you'll be slapping yourself when you find how easy it's been all along)
  • 3 steps to creating a physical presence that women will automatically find sexy...and be drawn to approach you
  • Attraction building secrets: the 1 thing you need to do in any bar or club to spike any woman's attraction level to "through the roof" within seconds
  • One bizarre trick for changing how you speak to a woman that's guaranteed to get her turned on and thinking about sex
  • Inner game mastery techniques that will shatter your self doubts, build a masculine powerful confidence that will radiate and magnetically attract high quality women
  • Game changer: Find out exactly how to tell if any woman is already attracted to you, so you'll never wonder again.
  • A training module completely dedicated to creating your own personal style that fits your personality perfectly, and makes you look comfortable "in your own skin" — VERY sexy to women!
  • Learn this secret that woman don't want you to know... Their biggest fears when they're going out to meet guys, and how you can make her feel like you're the only guy who "gets it"
  • How to avoid being trapped in a "hopeless romantic" relationship
  • Why how you're sitting, standing, walking and talking are making or breaking your chances with women before you even open your mouth...learn how to send the right message with your body language
  • Passing tests from women will be a breeze with these 3 powerful techniques
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