How To Get An Ex Back

I probably get 100 messages a day from guys asking for my advice, and 50 of them are usually asking the same thing – "How do I get my ex back?"

When you lose that one girl you were crazy about, you'll probably find yourself looking back and realizing what you did wrong, replaying the breakup over and over in your head, and imagining her moving on without you and meeting other guys.

It can feel pretty disempowering, and can absolutely ruin your confidence as a man.

But things are different now, because now you're learning how to take control of your life and become a true badass with women. And once you start down that path, the first thing you'll probably want to do is get that one girl back. You think to yourself, "I won't make the same mistakes as last time, this time I'll do it right."

Careful here, Tao Brother, this is a tricky road. You're going to need some guidance if you're actually going to do this right.

Lucky for you I'm hooking you guys up with some awesome freebies today:

==> Previously un-released audio from a call I did with the Founding Members Club, talking about this very topic.

==> A previously un-released interview I did with my friend T-Dub on how to restore your self confidence after getting gutted.

==> A free presentation from my friend Michael Fiore on how to get her back using text messages.


-Joshua Pellicer

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