The New Rules of Texting

So, you got a hot girl's number, and you don't know what to do next? Put your phone down for a second and listen up...

Now for the hard truth: very attractive girls have guys orbiting them constantly. You are not the only guy with her number. Want to have an advantage? Learn how to text her, properly.

First of all, you don't need to observe a "three day rule," or call her and try to talk forever, or set up a formal dinner date far in advance... those are outdated courtship rituals. What you should be doing is sending her texts that get her attention, reconnect her to the emotions she felt when you first met, and get her motivated to see you again.

My friends Rob Judge and Bobby Rio are experts at this. What I love about them is that they essentially "hacked" the complicated process of texting a girl, and boiled it down into a precise system that works almost every time. And you know I love systems...

I asked them to share some of their texting secrets with us, and they sent over a cool PDF report... and then went the extra mile and shot three video lessons, exclusively for the Tao community. They really knocked these out of the park, check em out below:

Video 1: How to pump your texts full of personality

Video 2: The right way to express interest in a girl over text

Video 3: Targeting emotions with every text you send

Free Report: The Seven Deadly Texting Mistakes:

This is killer content you cannot get anywhere else. And that girl you've been meaning to text? After you watch these, get out your phone ASAP and use these lessons to get her smiling and thinking about you... then tell her when and where to meet up with you, and have an amazing time!

I would wish you good luck, but you won't need it.


- Joshua

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