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“Before You Reach The Bottom Of This Page, You Will Know EXACTLY What I Did That Took Me From A ‘Lovable Loser’ To Being A Badass At Meeting & Attracting Women… And How YOU Can Do It Too… TONIGHT”

“I Will Show You
How To Be In The Top
2% Of Men Just By
Correcting A Few SIMPLE Mistakes
That You Don’t Know You’re Making.”

Recently I had moved to a new city. I didn’t know anyone who lived there except a few people who were too far away to visit. I had broken up with my ex and pretty much felt alone in the world.

So I decided it would be nice to have a few hot girlfriends to hang out with, go on dates with, hook up with, etc. So I did my thing and I met about 8 gorgeous women in about 2 weeks… Got all their numbers… and hung out with all of them.

Of course, I didn’t sleep with all of them. I ended up dating 4 of them simultaneously (don’t worry, they all knew about each other and they were TOTALLY cool with it).

I had lived in the city for a month and I was already dating 4 amazing women at the same time (it’s a lot less work than you think when you’re actually being HONEST about it).

So I picked my favorite one and I just dated her exclusively.

I pretty much said and did the exact same thing with each of them. It wasn’t a script or a routine… it was real, natural, and fun.

But the REAL question is: How did I do that? What did I say? HOW CAN YOU DO IT TOO?

I promise you I’m nothing special.

I’m not really really ridiculously good-looking (as Derek Zoolander would say). I’m skinny, about average height, not the kind of guy that women gravitate toward. In fact, if I don’t open my mouth I can walk into a bar and NO ONE will even notice me all night…

So how did I change from being the “lovable loser” that girls felt sorry for to having a James Bond-like charm and power to attract gorgeous women?

I’m Going To Tell You How I Did It…

Here’s a question I’d like to ask you…

Have you ever had an experience that went something like this?
– answer honestly –

  • You met a girl in a bar and you wanted to see her again so you gave her your number. One day goes by… two days… a week… and you never hear from her again…
  • You meet a girl out and she flirts with you all night. You get brave enough to ask for her number and she gives it to you. So you call her the next day to see if she wants to go on a date and you get the dreaded, “… Ummm… who is this again? Please don’t call me.”
  • You get some attention from a hot girl when you go out with your friends one night and you can just FEEL her losing attraction for you as the night goes on.
  • You’re out meeting a girl at a bar and a dude who is a complete douche walks up and takes her away from you and leaves you standing there by yourself.
  • You see a girl and you KNOW deep down that she would be amazing “girlfriend material” (or even “wife material”) and you never talk to her…
  • You see a guy who is a complete badass with women and you ask him how he does it and he says something like, “I don’t know, I’m just not a nerd and women like me.”
  • You meet a super cute girl in a coffee shop and you go on a couple of dates only to hear, “I think we should just be friends.”


Here’s another question…

Have you ever had any irrational fears that you know aren’t realistic but they still scare the hell out of you anyway?

Thoughts like:

  • “I’m going to get rejected by every girl I ever approach or talk to for the rest of my life.
  • “I’m going to marry a woman that I’m embarrassed to tell my friends that I’m even dating.”
  • “It’s going to take 20 years for me to even see a little bit of improvement from trying to get better with women so I should just give up now.”
  • “Either you have ‘it’ or you don’t… and I don’t.”

I’m not sure about you but *I* definitely had thoughts like that.

And it paralyzed me for a long time in my life…

And eventually I was so scared that I refused to leave my house or even look women in the eyes…
And you know what I thought?


It wasn’t fair that some guys had “it” and some guys didn’t.

It completely SUCKED.

And when I was really at rock-bottom I had a thought…

“I’d Rather Be Alone For The Rest Of My Life Than Settle For A Woman I Don’t Love Completely.”

Yeah… it’s true. I’d rather be alone for the rest of my life than settle down with a woman I wasn’t completely crazy about.

As far as I know I only live once… so why would I settle for a woman that is anything less than perfect for me?

I really had nothing to lose…

I mean… the WORST thing that could happen is I end up alone, which was right where I started anyway!

So with that “nothing-to-lose” mentality, I started looking for answers.

But there is a major problem with the info on dating out there that you may have noticed already on your own…

Most of the Dating “Experts” That Claim to Teach You How to Pick Up Chicks Are Fakers…

Yes, most of the “Gurus” out there are complete fakers! Some had tons of guys who swore by them, TV shows, podcasts, DVDs, and all sorts of ebooks…

And you know what?

They had secret lives where they struggled with women.

I know because I KNOW these guys! And you know what?

MOST of them come to me for advice with the girls THEY are dating!

There is a ton of BAD INFO out there that… honestly… DOESN’T WORK.

You know what else I found out?

Most Dating “Experts” don’t even test their “advice” before they tell it to you. In fact, some of the real bad ones just freaking GUESS and then tell it to you like it’s fact!

In the past I would’ve given up and just thought that it was impossible…

But remember… I had nothing to lose. So I kept on searching.
Eventually I DID find some techniques that worked…

Not all of the time… but sometimes…

So I tore apart each technique that I found from all over the place and found what made each one tick…

That sort of “Secret Formula” made up each exciting success and each humiliating failure.

THAT’S when I started to see massive improvement.

I didn’t want someone to tell me what to think; I just wanted the pointers, the “Cliff’s Notes” of what worked and then I’d go from there.

I didn’t want to waste my time with BS techniques and “Magic Bullet” moves that didn’t work and made me feel like something was wrong with me…

So I began a frenzy of psychology of attraction reading and apprenticeship that I fell into for years. I went out 6 nights a week and practiced everything that ANYBODY had ever written or said about meeting women.

NOTHING was too ridiculous or too scary for me to try out… of course, most of it either got me mild (and I mean MILD) temporary success that fell apart minutes after it worked OR got me slapped, yelled at, or nearly beat up by other, bigger dudes…

It took me a long time but I eventually filtered out the BS from the solid, actual, real advice that works..

So I took everything I knew and learned and I started writing it down. And I continued to search for anyone that could teach me ANYTHING at all about love, rapport, communication, seducing women, attraction… EVERYTHING that would give me a single technique or nugget of wisdom that I could tear apart and make my own.

And when I finally became a dating coach, I was quickly one of the best in the world. I even started coaching some of the guys whose books I had read when I was studying!

And I began to see patterns, not just in my behavior, but in the behavior of each of my students…

I pinpointed the exact MOMENTS when things started to go wrong and the attraction fell through their fingers and I helped them get through them and succeed…

…And Then It Hit Me

These guys were all doing different versions of the SAME THINGS that were destroying their chances with the women they really wanted to attract!

So I started making note of them and testing, retesting, and rerererereretesting them to make sure they were 100% right with NO exceptions.

After many years of doing this non-stop, I finally creating my curriculum that has helped thousands upon thousands of men to get past that one hurdle that was really in their way… and every hurdle after that on!

And people started noticing the success I was having with my students…

I spoke on The Today Show about it,

There was a Current TV piece on me,

I hosted my own show on Sirius Radio about how to meet and attract women,

I was interviewed by the NY Daily News, The NY Times, The NY Press, The Associated Press, and The Baltimore Sun,

I was even MADE FUN OF on Saturday Night Live! (a personal goal of mine, haha)

And I told all of them the one thing that I had learned from all of my teaching and studies…

That is:

“Attracting Women Is A Learned Skill”

There are very few things in life that I’m ABSOLUTELY certain of…
but one thing I definitely know for sure is that Attracting Women is a Learned Skill…

I’m living, breathing proof of that.

And I took ALL of the techniques, dating coach secrets, and real-life tested, tried and true methods that worked for me and everyone I have ever taught and I put them all into a book, called “The Tao of Badass.”

You might want to be a wooing playboy or the protective boyfriend with the woman you love, or you might have that one girl that you’ve been trying to figure out how to go on a date with and impress… no matter what you want in a woman, this book will help you get it.

There is NO book out there quite like this one – I Guarantee It!

Here Are Just Few Things You’ll Learn:

  • How not doing one little thing at the perfect time will catapult you into the Friend Zone and completely vaporize any chance you have of being anything more than friends… and exactly how to NOT let that happen. Pg. 48
  • The REAL reason that women are attracted to wealthy men and how you can “mimic” that secret quality to make them want YOU instead… even if you are just a normal dude, like me. Pg. 14
  • The 10 undeniable ways you can know FOR SURE that a woman is attracted to you regardless of what she says. Pg. 114
  • The one little “tweak” that you can make that will naturally show women that you are the confident and attractive man they’ve been looking for. Pg. 17
  • How to respond when a woman asks you to buy her a drink in a way that not only saves you money but compels her to BUY YOU A DRINK and flirt with YOU. Pg. 87
  • How to see the 3 different “rapport types” and choose the RIGHT one that will automatically have her thinking, “This guy is different…” Pg. 129
  • Why attempts to show women that you are a “sensitive guy” are ABSOLUTELY KILLING your chances with them. Pg. 19
  • The one thing about the way you sit that will instantly turn every woman OFF and exactly how to make sure you never do it. Pg. 109
  • What confidence really is (HINT* it’s NOT what the fake dating coaches are telling you) and what you can actually do to get MORE of it. Pg. 25
  • How to react to a woman’s secret “tests” in a way that will give her a gut feeling that you are a confident and attractive man with plenty of options. Pg. 85
  • The ONE THING that commands and controls your emotions and how you can influence and control it yourself. Pg. 27
  • The one tweak in the way you walk that will turn the heads of every woman you walk by and will instantly DOUBLE the amount of women you have in your life. Pg. 106
  • How I tricked myself into having the world’s most rock solid belief that I was HOT and how it catapulted me to rockstar levels of success with women… and how YOU can do it, too. Pg. 29
  • The 5 Mind Hacks and how you can use them to hack your brain to make women uncontrollably want you. Pg. 31
  • The secret difference between Positive Body Language and Dominant Body Language and how confusing them even ONCE will cause you to get rejected immediately. Pg. 104
  • A simple trick to keep a woman from ever cheating on you and to keep her by your side forever. Pg. 35
  • How to recognize BEFOREHAND if you are about to do something miscalibrated and creepy and what you can do to erase that from your natural behavior. Pg. 39
  • The 10 biggest and most common “Show Stopping Mistakes” that will cause a woman to turn cold to you… even if you do only ONE of them ONCE. Pg. 133
  • The ONE sentence you can say that will turn all of the loud douche-bags in a bar into your own personal bodyguards instead of having to compete with them for women. Pg. 41
  • How to use “triangulating” to jump from just being friends to an instantly hot make out session WITHOUT having to make the first move. Pg. 102
  • The thing 99% of guys do to take away a woman’s “plausible deniability” and with it their chances of ANY intimacy with her and how to NEVER EVER DO THAT THING. Pg. 45
  • How to tell if a woman is “breaking state” during seduction and how to handle it so it doesn’t all fall apart right in front of your eyes. Pg. 72
  • A simple change in your flirting that will automatically bypass her logical brain and speak directly to her emotions to make her FEEL attracted to you. Pg. 51
  • How to read a woman’s eye movements to tell whether she is lying, telling the truth, a visual thinker, naturally creative, and even if she is emotional about something and she doesn’t want you to know about it. Pg. 99
  • How to use a “Self Fulfilling Prophecy Qualifier” to flip the “attraction switches” in any woman to make her think, “I HAVE to have this man.” Pg. 59
  • How to read the “content” AND the “context” of body language to give you a superhuman-like ability to read people and know their fears, desires, and secrets… instantly. Pg. 97
  • The 3 little words that, when said by a woman, actually make her MORE attracted to you… and how to make her feel naturally compelled to say them. Pg. 57
  • The 9 easy guidelines that show you exactly how to create a deep emotional connection that is so real and natural that you feel it too. Pg. 120
  • How to recognize the subtle and faint signals that a woman is chasing you that 9 out of 10 men never see that will warp you from being a “dude she met” to the guy she tells her friends about. Pg. 55
  • How to tell early if she is planning on putting you in the Friend Zone and the one thing you can say to reverse that and turn on her sexuality toward you. Pg. 57
  • The secret phrase that only dating coaches know that will REJECTION-PROOF anything you say to a woman, no matter how outlandish or extreme it is. Pg. 60
  • What to ask a woman you’ve just met to get her to spill her guts to you and open up like a book. Pg. 63
  • How not doing one little thing at the perfect time will catapult you into the friend zone and completely vaporize any chance you have of being any thing more than friends… and exactly how to
    not let that happen. Pg. 48
  • The 4 simple but hidden factors that you can balance to make a woman want to stay by your side forever… and how to balance them perfectly every time. Pg. 66
  • How “Seeing The Matrix” will allow you to control your environment and change it to work out in your favor… and exactly HOW to see it for yourself. Pg. 68
  • How to use your body language to speak directly to a woman’s emotions and attract her instantly without saying a word (and YES, it’s possible AND it happens more than you think!). Pg. 93
  • The body language triggers that you can look for to tell you EXACTLY what stage a woman is in with you and how to move forward to the next stage with ease naturally. Pg. 71
  • What you need to know about women’s natural behavior and the one skill that got me 95% of the way there with almost no actual interaction with women. Pg. 86
  • How understanding a woman’s “Filter Mechanism” will show women that you know them better than they know themselves. Pg. 74
  • What “Approach Anxiety” really is and how to recognize it early and, eventually, remove it completely so you’re never afraid to approach a woman again (and YES… it’s actually possible… regardless of what you’ve heard). Pg. 75
  • The one little and seemingly harmless thought that will absolutely destroy any chance you have of improving if you don’t see it and stop it immediately. Pg. 81
  • How being affected by rejection will actually CAUSE you to be rejected more often and what you can do about it. Pg. 82
  • How to get one-on-one time with a girl even in the most crowded or loud environments without being overly aggressive or weird. Pg. 128
  • a TON more! (it’s 150 pages of punch-you-in-the-face info)

You’ll Also Get 4 Bonus Books:

When you buy “The Tao of Badass” you’ll also automatically get my 4 Bonus Reports:

Monogamy Vs Polyamory – A complete guide to dating multiple women at the same time WITHOUT lying, tricking them, cheating, or being a player… and a secret, hidden way to eliminate jealousy altogether.

Never Get Cheated On – Ever been cheated on? If you haven’t, I can tell you that the more women you date, the higher your chances will be of being cheated on. If you HAVE… then I’m sorry man… it’s a hard thing to go through. BUT this handy little guide will teach you the secret mindset that will make you look like the only guy who exists in the world. You’ll never have to picture her with another man and feel the pain of being lied to again.

Escaping The Friend Zone – If you’ve ever been trapped in The Friend Zone and you wanted to be MORE than friends but you didn’t know how, this report will teach you the advanced techniques needed to make sure that never happens AND how to get out of it if it does.

Guide To Breaking Up – As you go on your journey, you’ll have to end relationships with women that you’ll care about a lot because, at the end of the day, you’ll PROBABLY only be able to choose one. When that time comes, if you don’t know the EXACT steps to do in the RIGHT ORDER, you’ll cause a tornado of pain and suffering to those women… not to mention to the paint job on your car.

And you’ll get to keep these reports forever, as a gift from me, just for trying out “The Tao Of Badass.”

Reading “The Tao Of Badass” is going to get you far… real far… but
in order to make sure you stay on the right track you’ll want other
people to talk to, weekly tips and tricks to try out, exclusive videos,
interviews with other badass experts, and direct contact and advice
straight from me.

When you buy “The Tao Of Badass,” you’ll automatically get access to
this world of extra content and coaching.

It’s all yours for the taking.

Try it out for a month and if you like it, keep learning and stay subscribed! Each month you’ll get a new audio interview, video, and lesson for $19.97.

If you decide not to continue, then you can cancel anytime you like with NO hassle or bother and you can keep the first month’s worth of content for free!

If you don’t want a subscription, then you can “opt out” when you buy the book. It’s THAT simple.

So You’ll Get All This

“Never Get Cheated On” Learn how to ensure you never get cheated on!

“Monogamy Vs Polyamory” Should you date one woman at a time or many women? How to make the right call for you.

“Escaping The Friend Zone” – The Secrets Of Getting Out Of… And STAYING Out Of… The Friend Zone.

“Guide To Breaking Up” – The Step-By-Step Process to Leave Her Better Than You Found Her.

I know that you’re here because you’re curious… you’re curious if I have
some things to teach you that will make you MORE of a badass with
women… and the Answer is, “I Guarantee It.”

Consider the Worst-Case Scenarios:

  • What if you had to SETTLE for a woman that you aren’t completely and 100% sexually attracted to because “That’s the best you could do”?
  • What if you never get to explore and experience a variety of different types of women before you settle down?
  • What if people who you want to like you actually avoid you and go out of their way to go places you won’t be because you are always bringing them down?
  • Or worst of all… what if you had to constantly live in fear knowing that someday everyone will know that you studied how to be good with women and… you still suck?

I know that NO MAN wants to get to the end of his life when he’s old and gray and then look back and say, “If I had only…”

I’m here to show you how to take this journey.

Take the first step now and buy “The Tao of Badass” today.

Each book comes in “quick-access” downloadable format so you can start reading it right away!

Order The Tao of Badass

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4 Bonus Reports ($100 Value)

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A Little About Joshua Pellicer in the News:

“…Joshua Pellicer started doing relationship coaching and holding seminars in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, about two years ago. After gaining exposure on the popular “Pickup Podcast” on iTunes, Pellicer was tapped to host a Sirius Radio show, “Game On,” and the group, along with pupil-turned-CEO Benjamin Klein, began to travel the country peddling its message.”

-From the NY Daily News quoting my teaching on Rapport

-From The NY Press about how my last company started: “Be the first to open up, find something you can both build on, then make a real connection, he told the guys. And then go back to the beginning.”
-From the NY Daily News quoting my teaching on Rapport

I’m looking forward to having the privilege and honor of teaching you the systems and techniques that ACTUALLY work for me and the thousands of guys that I’ve taught. Take the first step. Grab a copy of The Tao of Badass and let’s get started!

All the best,

Joshua Pellicer

PS. Did you scroll all the way down here before reading the secrets I wrote on this page? Get back up there and read them! You’re missing the exact thing you came here to learn! :)

Your “Right Now” Price: $97

You’ll need an eBook reader to open the eBook. There are lots of free programs for it that you can download. I suggest Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download it for free HERE.

What Other Professional Coaches Think About Joshua pellicer:

“There are a lot of coaches out there who can tell you what works for them… and the good ones can teach you how to replicate it… but the brilliance of Josh’s teaching is that he’ll figure out what works for you. I’ve never had a serious talk with Josh and not walked away challenged and inspired, and anyone who works with him can expect WAY more confidence, self-awareness, and of course, much better results.”
Christian Hudson
Owner of The Social Man
“One of the most socially savvy and engaging men I know, Joshua Pellicer could make friends with a hungry female T-rex suffering from PMS. I’ve never seen anyone with a capacity to make friends faster in any social situation. But what makes Joshua such a great coach is his innate ability to read subtle social cues in the interactions between men and women and then to bring his deep sense of caring into the equation. Quite simply, Joshua loves to teach because he genuinely wants his students to succeed. Paired with his deep knowledge of the subject matter, it is a potent combination.”
Alex Allman
Author of Sexual Mastery
“Josh is a teacher in the truest sense of the word – a man who immediately puts his students at ease because he relates to their position and can see the world through their eyes. When it comes to interpersonal skills, Josh succeeds because he can connect deeply with others; they put down their guard and give him permission to enter. This skill (rapport) is perhaps the most important tool in a man’s toolbox, because this alone permits a man to enter a woman’s most personal, most private and most intimate space, where she is truly vulnerable. An incredibly powerful tool, and Josh is a master in its use.”
Paul Janka
Author ofBeyond The Digits

Customer Feedback

With a deep understanding of human nature, the intricacies of psychology, and great capacity to explain that in ways that help us improve our relationships and our lives, Joshua is in my opinion one of the masters in this field. I feel privileged to have him as one of my mentors.
Milton Miller
Valuable information (saved me a lot of time) You Rock Man!
Kelvin – UK
Dude! … So impressed with your knowledge. . .i followed you when you were with AoC.. still following..thanks for the info!!
Anthony R. – CA
Your knowledge has informed me so much about who I am as a person; even more so i’ve realized that i deal with others (of different values) in all the wrong ways. Thanks so much and I am using this info to stage a coup of my inner-self.
Franklin – SC
Joshua you REALY opend my eyes.
Tom P. – CA
It’s genius, and very well organized. I’ve never heard the concept of value broken down so meticulously before. I can totally take this to the field with me. Outstanding.
Michael – CA
HI Josh, I think your information is right on. I appreciate all that you are doing, very valuable info.
Paul – TX
Thank you for this information and I can’t wait to see more.
Dennis – IL
I always felt that relationships were more complex than we are usually taught, but I am already beginning to see, with your help, where so many things we do mess up our possibilities all along the way. Thank you for your efforts to help us see deeper into the real causes of problems in our relationships.
Patricia – FL
Nice Job Joshua. I like your hands on every day applicability approach.
Acoustic – NY
Hey Joshua, this information is incredible. I can now recognise that i’m such a 8 ha! It’s funny how I kinda cringed when you were describing some of the behaviour traits for 6/7/8 and i’m like – oh know…thats what i’ve been doing! This is really eye opening, there’s tons of things I can now do to my life to aim to be 10. Thanks alot mate!
Joe M. – UK

Who is Joshua pellicer And Why Can He Help Me?

Hey, Joshua Pellicer here.

The guys who learn from me are a different breed of man. They aren’t suckers and they can smell bull sh*t from a mile away. So, if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “Who is Joshua Pellicer and why can he help me be a badass with women?”

Well, I’m a completely normal guy. I didn’t want to believe that I was worthless or that I’d never be good with women. I just wasn’t interested in feeling like a victim for the rest of my life or a guy who got walked all over and overlooked.

I started looking for answers for a lot of the same reasons I think you are…

  • I wanted to make sure I could attract my future wife when I met her.
  • I didn’t want to feel helpless when I got into a social situation.
  • I wanted to date lots of different types of women and get that “out of my system” before it was too late.

So I started looking for the answers online and I found something out: “There is a LOT of information about how to meet women online!” I figured, “It was all the same, right?” and I just started trying it out.

I ended up wasting YEARS of my life on things that just didn’t work for me. I wanted a real solution that would “fix me” to the core. Not just make me pretend to be someone else forever.

So I started creating my own system. I took all of the parts from the years of study that actually worked and I linked them all together into a new system that actually MADE SENSE.

It was brilliant. I started offering coaching classes and I booked up for 3 months in the first day the program was open… That’s when I knew I was on to something.

I became a full-time coach and continued my studies. I got pretty popular for a while there: The Today Show, The NY Press, The NY Times, The NY Daily News, etc, etc… I was even made fun of on Saturday Night Live! Hell, Maxim Radio offered me a show all about meeting women, which I accepted and hosted for several years!

After teaching thousands of men, I realized that there were specific “patterns” in the successes… and the failures… of men with women. And just because I was teaching, it didn’t mean my studying ended.

But while I was working with my company before, I was under a contract that wouldn’t allow me to teach you the real dating coaches’ secrets… the things that only we know about. If I did, they were afraid that no one would ever come to the classes again (which were $3500 a piece).

But now that I’ve left, I can tell you everything. And that’s exactly what I do in The Tao of Badass.

So… what are you waiting for?