Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't gotten my book in the mail. What gives?

I can get to the members area but I can't get the Tao of Badass Ebook

After having granted access you can then click the "Product Library" tab up top and click on "The eBook" (Screenshot) to get the Tao of Badass.

Alright! I've got my book now how do I get used to this whole members area thing? It looks there's a lot of things going on here but I don't know where to start.

Click the 'Start Here' icon on the right side of the page (Screenshot) to see what features are available in the Tao of Badass members area and where you need to go to get things rockin' n rollin'.

Awesome! There's a lot of cool stuff on here, where should I start?

Start off with the Tao of Badass E-book, then get familiarized with the other cool products that come free with it such as the The Unabridged Audio Bonus, 4 Bonus Books, Day 1 of Hacking Attraction, 5 Week Body Language Mastery Course and the Subliminal Confidence Mp3s (Screenshot). Once you are well acquainted with the concepts and have applied them in real life, make sure to go and check out our brand spankin', newly updated and (most importantly) FREE "Bonus" section for an added and more advanced edge in your game there's lot of cool stuff on there that can provide an answer to some of the questions you've been pondering.

I'm experiencing some technical difficulties with the Members Area/I want to get a refund for the product(s) that I ordered

Contact the support team at or click the support tab on the left of this page aptly titled "Support" (Screenshot) to get in touch with someone who can help you out (Note: Please give the support team 24 hours/1 day to respond, the support team is also not available on weekends so if you send a message on Friday, expect to get a response by Monday)

Hey I just started all this and I'm totally new, I've read the book but I don't know where to even begin!

If you're having trouble with what to say I suggest you go to the Bonuses section and check out My Banter Cheat Sheet by Clicking "Banter - What To Say When You Open Your Mouth", follow the link here: . Also, check out the step by step Attraction Flowchart for knowing how to do it and the right time to do it at (link: ) Start working on one concept at a time as you read the book once and go over it again. Take your time! Patience is key when you're on your journey to becoming a badass :)

Hey Josh! I just listened to the Subliminal Confidence Mp3s and I really loved the info on there! Wait..No I didn't! this is just a bunch of Ocean and Raindrop and Rainstorm sounds. What Gives?? How does this help me get the babes?

The Subliminal Confidence Mp3s are specifically designed with embedded messages to help you take in the information from beyond your conscious level of hearing. Some of these affirmations include:
  • I am naturally confident around all women
  • I feel comfortable in the company of women
  • Women are lucky to be with me
  • I enjoy talking to women
  • Women find me attractive
  • Women enjoy my company
  • I deserve women in my life
  • I should have attractive women in my life
  • I am worthy of beautiful women
  • I am relaxed around women
  • I feel comfortable to be myself around women
  • I say what is on my mind with women
  • I am confident around women

The messages are designed to use a mixture of present tense and future tense statements so that you can feel empowered without neglecting putting work and effort in yourself to improve and strive towards a better version of yourself while not feeling like there is something inherently missing in your persona. To find out more about Real Subliminal messaging and how it works here is THEIR FAQ:

Hey Josh you're information is really cool and all, but I think I'm too old for bars and clubs.

What I teach are the overarching concepts of male to female relationship dynamics and as such the techniques are for the most part all encompassing and universal. The ideas discussed here are applicable from any place be it a coffee shop, a park, on the way to your job or yes, even a bar. It's about improving your life and getting the relationships you know you deserve with women, men and people in your life in general, I would hate to limit that to just one place (or only a few places) where we feel socially conditioned to hang out at. And I don't think you should either. :)

I can see your material working, but I don't see it working for me personally. I can see why this book can get an outgoing person more talkative but does this work for shy or introverted people.

If you haven’t checked out our material on personality typing, I advise you to do that asap as I go into the different advantages certain personalities can have be they extrovert OR introverts and how you can maximize your strengths to figure out your very own unique superpower. There are some amazing insights in our “Hacking Attraction” Program. Feel free to watch Day 1 as you get that product absolutely free of charge when you buy The Tao of Badass.

Josh I'm from a different country from the other side of the world will this work?

Yes, these concepts work everywhere there are people...Except a stranded island, then it's just you and your volleyball Wilson :)

I love your book and the members area. But I'm on my phone ALL THE TIME. You know some way I can download the "Tao of Badass" or any of your other products on to my phone?

Yup! Step 1. Make a folder on your computer and download the books in there Step 2. E-mail them to yourself. Step 3. Open the email on your ipad and an option should pop up asking “Open in ibooks” click on that and it should go right in. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat, Reader or some type of pdf viewing application downloaded on your phone (Be it Iphone or Android) and you should have no problem reading our products off it.

Hey Josh! I love your Ebook, it amazing I want to print it, copy it and spread this information around to the rest of the world!

Haha well, thanks! first off :). But hold off on the "spreading it to the rest of the world" part just yet if you can help it. Ideally I want you guys to really get all this information down (and if you feel this information is essentially too cool NOT to share with at least 1 person I'll allow you to do this with one REALLY close friend who gets you). Even though I am in the business of helping guys all over the world get better with women, I want you guys to know that as my personal members who have taken the time, energy and money to learn and apply what I teach, you guys are my boys, are special to me and I have a vested interest in helping you all get better and improve your lives.

I just saw your E-Book being sold on E-Bay, Amazon/ Any other site for profit, just wanted to let you know

Thanks for notifying us, I really appreciate it! Have us send screenshots and links to these pages so we can have our tech team remove those links. You have my definite gratitude for being a true supporter of The Tao of Badass Movement :).

Hey Josh I believe I'm a special case as I have a disability or am in a special situation medically that prevents me to normally relate to women like other guys

Hey man, I understand that you are in a different situation than most guys from the outside looking in. If you feel you have some specific ways that prevent you from relating or conversing with them (can't talk, can't speak/hear etc.) you can private message me your unique situation and I can help you out. Just make sure that the overall concepts of attraction, rapport, seduction and relationship balance can most definitely applied despite the situation (where there's a will there's a way). Best of luck, you might feel discouraged now but you will come out a better man once you get over these limitations.

Josh I think I'm in love with this 1 girl. She is absolutely everything I want man! I think I'm gonna marry her. Can you help us get married? or better yet, be the priest at our wedding :D???

Hey man! That's awesome that you feel that way! But how does she feel about you? Have you tried dating a lot of girls and then tried going for her? If not then I can see why she is not being responsive to you and why it's such an uphill battle. Think about it, do you think you have more of a chance with a girl where you're at right now, or do you think you can really charm the pants off her (figuratively and sometimes quite literally!) once you've really come into your own as a badass. Make sure to really apply this stuff and allow to help you bring other attractive women into your life, once you become a man with options you will really be able to convey yourself to the person you were head in heels over and be able to relate to her without putting her on a pedestal.

Hey Joshua, I've tried everywhere to get an answer to my question. I've read your Ebook, the bonuses section, chatted and have had back and forth messages with the guys on here but I feel lost about this particular situation what else can I do.

If you have gone through all the material and resources on here and are feeling at a loss, go ahead and private message me your unique question or situation you've found yourself in. I'd love to hear it and help you out. Most of the resources and the website design and features on the members area are specifically designed to help you find a definite solution in helping you succeed with women. I'm sure I can point you a definite course or concept that will get your unique situation handled and if not, I'd love to learn something new that I haven't addressed on here and help you out and other guys who are in a similar situation.

Whoa! I'm super excited about everything that's on this site, amazing! I never thought I'd learn so much thanks a lot Josh! I always learn a lot from your ebooks, audios and videos but I would love to get some hands on experience and practice this stuff infield and get live in person feedback by signing up for a live training program with you. How would I go about that?

Hey man! Thanks for taking the initiative and personal responsibility to sign up for our live training program to get coaching from The Tao of Badass it really means a lot. I commend you for taking the courage to really invest in improving yourself, your life and your interactions with women (that just being the icing on the cake of an awesome life) and for that you will get that much better in your interactions with not just men and women but people in your life as a whole and I truly believe that because you wanted it, and those who want it the most eventually DO end up getting it. It helps me to realize that you are serious about getting this part of your life handled and I really appreciate that as I was also once in your shoes. If you would like to sign up for our live training program please contact our salespersons or for details so they can set you up with a coaching time slot. congrats on getting on step closer one your journey to success with women :).