Top 5 Ways You Can Tell if a Woman is Attracted to You

It’s easy to tell when you are attracted to someone: the quickened heartbeat, the bodily stirring, the sudden desire to talk, to touch, to know her. But how can you tell if she likes you back? Some women are teases and like to lead men on. Other women simply are flirtatious and like to joke around with a lot of guys, regardless of whether they are attracted to or interested in them. All this makes it hard for a guy to figure out if the woman he has his eye on is checking him out, too. If you’ve ever thought of women as an entirely different species, here’s a little field guide to help you determine whether she’s interested in you or not.

1. Touch

Female friends touch each other often in conversation. Male friends, too, touch each other, sharing a pat on the back or high five now and then. In contrast, male/female friends rarely touch each other. Because of this, if the woman you have your eye on has been physically affectionate towards you – whether mussing up your hair or touching your hand lightly to draw your attention to something – this breach in male/female friendship behavior is a sign she is interested in more than just friendship.

2. Pupil Dilation

This one is entirely biological and can be backed up by science. One of the first symptoms of attraction and arousal is dilated pupils. If you notice her pupils grow when she sees you or when you are flirting, take it as a sign she’s interested.

3. Leaning In

The way a woman interacts with you is full of clues to her level of attraction. Leaning towards you or against you is a good sign. With leaning, a woman can initiate closeness and physical contact without making a blunt move. One of these times when she is leaning towards you, just slip your arm around her shoulders.

4. Buying Drinks

Buying a lady a drink is the quintessential way a male expresses his interest in a woman. Now and then, a woman will take this practice into her own hands but turn the tables on you. While it’s counter to tradition, the implication is still the same: She’s got her eye on you.

5. Seeking Attention

Put simply, a woman who is interested in you will want your attention. Few women will try to get your attention obnoxiously, so look for subtlety.

Don’t underestimate the shyness some women might have, though. If a woman isn’t reciprocating but simply staying neutral, don’t take it as a negative sign. Consider it for what it is: neutral. Keep at it until you either see a negative sign, in which case you know she is not interested, or a positive sign, in which case you’ll know exactly what to do

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