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Welcome to the Badass Resources Page! This is a bonus library of information containing anything you ever wanted to know about attraction, dating, sex, relationships, fitness, fashion, and overall badassery.

One of the secrets to getting good at something FAST is to find someone who is already good at it, and learn directly from them. That's been crucial to my success. The cool part is, I never stop learning, so as I continue to gain new knowledge and experience, I'll share the best of it with you on this page.

There's a lot of crap advice out there, so I'll spare you the hassle of sorting through all the fluff and only hook you up with the best material I've found. Some of it will be from me, some from other experts I've worked with directly. It's all Badass Approved, and I'm excited for you to use this knowledge to create the kind of life you've always wanted!

To our continued growth and success,

- Adam and Team Badass

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